Texas Bar-B-Que


Puts me in the Mooo!

Choose One, Two or Three meats!

All Bar-B-Ques include fresh watermelon, potato or macaroni salad, corn on the cob, baked beans, Cornbread and all three of our Signature Sauces: Watermelon, Sweet Hickory Smoke Traditional and Chipotle Pepper.

State Streets Famous Twelve Hour Slow Cooked Beef Brisket- Sliced Dry or Chopped and Smothered in One of Our Signature Sauces

Howlin’ Good Baby Back Pork Ribs- Slow Roasted and Smoked Over Mesquite Wood

Route 66 Pulled Pork- Generously Dry Rubbed and Slow Cooked until it Melts in Your Mouth

Beef Ribs- You Can Shake the Meat Off the Bones. They’re Smoked Then Roasted and Finally Cooked over Mesquite Charcoal

Smoked Sausage Links- Cooked Over Mesquite Until Crispy Brown and Basted with Our Sauce of Your Choice.

Award Winning Texas Chili- 28 Ingredients with Everything But The Beans. Grab a Tissue, It’ll Bring Tears to Your Eyes. Milder Batch Available By Request.

Rotisserie Free Range Chicken- Cooked Fast Over an Open Flame to Seal in the Juices and Then Basted with Sauce of Choice.

“There’s a yellow rose in Texas

She made great ribs for me

But I went to State Street Feed and Supply

And now she’s history”